Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Online Extravaganza Bonus Deal!!!

The Online Extravaganza is continuing until next Monday, but the first Flash Sale has now finished.

BUT don't worry if you missed it, there is another great way to save EVEN MORE!! If your order is over £99, then you could get an additional £31 of FREE stuff just by signing up for the Starter Kit. PLUS you would also get FREE P&P. So you could buy items in the Extravaganza, or the Stitched from the Heart promotion that gives 25% off selected stamp sets. What is not to love about that?

If that is STILL not enough of a temptation for you, you will get 20% off future orders AND access to the new products a month early. I have seen the new products that are due to go on sale on 4 January 2017 and they are just amazing. They cover all spring summer occasions from weddings to men to Easter, to Parties ....... all so pretty.

STILL not enough of a temptation? You also get to join a great team, The Stable Hands, we will be having so much fun over the coming months, whether you want this to be a business, or whether you just want to make the most of the discounts for your own hobby, this is such a good deal that it really is a great time to join. 'What is the Catch?' I hear you say. There is no catch. If you never want to place another order, that is fine, you get to keep all of the products in your Starter Kit with absolutely no comeback.

For more information about joining The Stable Hands, just click here

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