Friday, 23 December 2016

Oh Christmas Tree

Better late than never, I have finally finished putting together the Forever Evergreen Project Kit. I bought it months ago, but got so tied up on other things, I sort of forgot I had it! But I love it!

The plan always was to put these (not so) little guys on the window ledge in our kitchen. Originally this was a window on to the outside, but the previous owners of our house had an enclosed porch built, so now you see through between the two. So as our guests arrive they will be greeted with these, oh so pretty, trees.

Perfect! Once I started making this kit up it did not take that long, and would be a great project to do with any children in the family (there are a few small pieces and some slightly fiddly bits that Mum and Dad may wish to help with). The kit will be retiring on 3rd January, so you could order it now ready for next year. The item number is 142994, so why not pop over to my shop and get ahead for next Christmas!

Have a great Christmas weekend and if you are in Scotland or the North, keep safe in the high winds.

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  1. Hi, happy you found me, I blog every day, so lots of other projects to look at! Lx