Friday, 10 March 2017

Beetles and Bugs EVERYWHERE!

Those of you who follow me regularly will possibly remember that when I saw this stamp set in the Spring/Summer Catalogue at the OnStage Stampin' Up! Convention in November (oh, and by the way, I love these events. Demos get to act like customers and stroke all the new products coming out!!) there was no question but that it would end up on my wish list.

There are a number of reasons why I like it so much. Firstly, I think it is really quirky and not something you would expect to see, but it is also perfect for those, oh so difficult, male cards, particularly for teenagers, who must be one of the most difficult groups to make cards for.

There are so many options with this set, which is a 2 step (or in this case 3) set. You can go for a realistic look, or just have a play with the colours of ink an just see what happens; this card is kind of in between those two.

Do you like this set? Have you got it? If you have, please share your projects on my Facebook page. If you have not got the set, why not?? Use the link below to jump over to my online store and get yours now!!.

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