Thursday, 16 November 2017

My OnStage Experience and my Goals

You will know that I attended OnStage in Solihull last Saturday. This was an amazing experience, not least of all because I was honoured to have been asked to present one of the new stamp sets that is to be launched in the new Spring/Summer Catalogue in January. Now let's just get this done! I forgot to bring my samples home, and as I started a new job on Monday, I have NOT had time to replicate them since I got home. What I did manage to do on Sunday, was a quick FaceBook Live summarising the amazing experience that I had, and it is this that I want to share with you here today.

The next thing I want to share, and I don't say this enough, probably because I am a British woman who has been brought up not to, is this. I have worked so hard in the past year to build up my business and I love it. I love my customers and I love my Team. But I have some goals that I really want to reach and to do that, I need more customers and I need a larger Team. It is as simple as that. Without the support of others, I will get no further. That's not to say I don't love what I am doing now, neither is it to say that I am not incredibly grateful for those who are already supporting me, but I have a goal, and to reach it I need more customers and a larger Team.

By this time next year (well actually by the end of September next year) I want to have promoted to the next level and, ideally, have earned the Incentive Trip, which is an all expenses paid cruise around the Greek Islands.

So what am I saying? Well, if you have enjoyed my videos and you live in the UK, please consider either becoming a customer, or, if you want the best deal in the catalogue, why not join my team and get an incredible £130 of product of YOUR choice for just £99 including Postage and Packing. Joining Stampin' Up! has no real obligations; you get the best of both worlds, all the same benefits as a customer, plus a discount!! There are minimum orders to meet, but for most hobby crafters these are not a stretch. And if you don't meet the targets, you just become a customer again (but get to keep everything you have bought or earned along the way! Get lots more information HERE

That's it nothing more, just that.

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