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Remember the BEST offer in the Catalogue is available every day of the year, but during Sale-A-Bration it gets even better.

You still get to pick £130 of product to put in it, and you still only pay £99 (including P&P) BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, you also get to chose two additional stamp sets from either the Annual or Spring/Summer Catalogue ABSOLUTELY FREE. This could increase the value of your Starter Kit to over £200, all for just £99 including P&P!

And once you have become a member of my team, until at least the end of June, you will get a minimum of 20% off your orders (before Tax), but there is the potential to get an amazing 38%. Just pick your perfect list of products to a value of £130.00 (not a penny more!). For more information, click HERE or just click HERE to join up straight away.

If joining my team is not right for you just yet, remember there are other amazing offers during Sale-A-Bration. 

For every 60 €/£45 you spend, you'll receive a free Sale-A-Bration product. For anyone who has enjoyed Sale-A-Bration in the past, we have an exciting new announcement for this year: We now have a new reward level, giving you more flexibility and options for your free items.
Let’s break it down:
  • If you spend 60 €/£45, you get one free level 1 product.
  • If you spend 120 €/£90, you get one free level 2 product, OR, you can choose two level 1 items.
  • If you spend 180 €/£135, you have the option to choose three level 1 items or one level 1 item and one level 2 item.

This new option allows everyone to create a personalised Sale-A-Bration experience!
Now, let's be clear, for Party read Buy for Yourself too!! But obviously if you want to host a party, then it is a great way for you to earn additional Stampin' Rewards (which you can either use to get more products OR towards buying the Starter Kit!
So, the lowdown is that if your 'party' has a total of £200 or more, you will not only get the usual Rewards %, you will also get an additional £20!! If your order is £200, that means you will get £40 of rewards. AMAZING!!
Orders over £400 still get one item at 50% off in addition to the Stampin' Rewards shown above.

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