Do you love Stampin’ Up! products and do you love a great deal?

Is it easier to make a list of what you don’t want rather than what you do want? 
The Starter Kit is ALWAYS a great offer
If you are based in the UK then buying the starter kit is a wonderful chance to get products at a discount whilst joining a wonderful community of crafters with loads if inspiration, ideas, discounts and deals.
You can choose to be your best customer and purchase for the discounts or you can earn an income if you choose to demonstrate the products at classes and parties. You make the choice to suit you, everyone is different and has different needs and you can make this opportunity work for you and around you and your family.
To join Stampin’ Up! you need to purchase the great value starter kit for £99 (with FREE postage & packing). You can choose any current products of your choice to the value of £130. You also receive a free business pack of 8 catalogues, order forms and other essentials absolutely free with your kit, just in case you want to run this as a business.  
There is no pressure from me as your upline or from Stampin’ Up! so you can choose to do business your way.
So what’s the catch?There are no catches, nothing to pay back. Just a manageable quarterly minimum to reach of 300CSV commissionable sales volume 3 months (£276 catalogue priced product) to remain an active demo and if you don’t reach your minimums, you are no longer a demo – that’s it! The quarterly minimum sales target is £276 (300 CSV); that works out, after your discount, to about £2.55 a day (a coffee and a bar of chocolate!). Whenever sales are mentioned in the Compensation Plan, they won’t be shown in local currency. In order to make our compensation plan applicable to all markets, regardless of currency, we use a common measurement: commissionable sales volume or CSV. And to make it easier for you in the beginning, Stampin' Up! give you until the end of the NEXT quarter to meet your first quarterly minimum, so if you join in January, you have until the end of June to meet that first minimum.
And if you DO want to run this as a successful business like me, then I am here to help you every step of the way. I am part of one the largest teams in Europe and offer support, guidance, training, friendship, ideas, inspiration and help, as much or as little as you need. I cannot promise you the world and a business on a plate, but I can promise you support however you need it. Encouragement at all stages. And where necessary, a push, if that is what you want from me!
To join, all you need to do is complete these quick and simple steps –
  • Follow the ‘Join Now’ button or click HERE 
  • Read the demo agreement and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Add £130 worth of any products to the online starter kit order
Once Stampin’ Up! receive your online application they will email you a login for the Stampin’ Up! website (usually the same day, often within a few minutes) and you will be able to access the demo website and explore all the useful resources and information as well as the opportunity to place your own orders and see your commissions etc. Your kit is shipped direct to you within approx 3-4 working days. On all orders placed you receive 20% discount off the net product total. (Take 20% off the catalogue product price to calculate the net figure.) You can earn more commission the more sales you make in a month and any extra commission payments are calculated at the end of the month and paid direct in the bank account of your choice mid way through the following month. 
We are a friendly and supportive team and we have our own little community on Facebook and meet regularly at events throughout the UK. I completed the Fast Track Programme (Stampin' Up! call it Quick Start) in just 2 months, rather than the 6 you are given, which meant I moved from the starter Title of Bronze, to Bronze Elite, and then advanced to the next Title, Silver, in just 7 months. My business continues to go from strength to strength. I truly love the products, the people and have embraced this fantastic opportunity that is my part time job.
I provide some useful tools to help you when you first get started such as a cardstock swatch and a welcome booklet explaining all the basics and a personalised notebook. I have loads of useful websites and resources to help you get inspired and making some beautiful items.
I have put together a few FAQs that you may find helpful, but if you have any other questions or want to chat openly and honestly to see if the opportunity is right for you, with no pressure from me, just honest answers, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or call me on 07958 342313
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